New KOHL Technology

We have generated and patented concepts that inject fundamentally new and powerful capability into the “xDSL” technologies, and data networks in general. These were generated by a member of our staff who was the inventor of ADSL and HDSL.

For example, the concepts would enable an ADSL system to provide, in addition to a high-speed Internet service, a contemporaneous, continuous signal; both signals would be delivered at roughly the same rate as the maximal rate of the original ADSL Internet service. Therefore, a video signal, or any continuous data signal, could be delivered in addition to the original, high-speed Internet service and with minimal effect on the Internet service speed.

Another application of these concepts increases significantly the number of variable bit-rate video signals that can be transmitted within a given bandwidth. Testing in our models show the technology can increase the number of VBR video signals that can be transmitted within a given bandwidth by about 4 to 8 times, or increase the range of the transmission of a signal by about 2 to 3 times.

Other technology we have patented includes wireless systems that are inherently secure without encryption, and allow several times the throughput of current wireless system approaches.

The patents we have been awarded for these technologies are unlikely to be circumvented, because the concepts they embody are so fundamental in nature.

The technology also has application in data networks, and across media, including radio, HFC, copper twisted pair and satellite. Like the ADSL and HDSL technologies, we believe the new concepts will affect significantly the telecommunications and data industries.

The new concepts are extremely basic and feasible. The technology does not require developing complex devices or software, therefore, it may be relatively easy and low-cost to develop and manufacture, and then integrate into a service network. Further, if required, KOHL has an extraordinary group of engineers and telecommunications experts who can help bring this technology quickly to manufacture and insure it is deployed successfully in the field.

If you are a serious potential user, investor and/or wish to collaborate to develop this technology please contact us at Please provide information about your position and the reason for your interest in our technologies.