Broadband over Powerline (BPL)

KOHL provides a number of BPL services to assist its BPL clients. These services include:


Business Case Development

Including Expert Review, Competitive Analysis, Services Definition

Product Consulting

Requirements review, real-time slotting, power management, regulatory analysis, interference mitigation

Interference Testing

Interpretation of FCC RFI Requirements and Testing Recipes, Interpretation of Test Results, Establishing Interference Testing Credibility

Product Evaluation

Feature/function, performance, security, scalability, cost modeling

Interference Management

Interference Source Identification, including BPL susceptibility, ‘out of band’ interference mitigation/elimination

System Architecture and Design

Network Integration, engineering, evolution planning

Engineering and Deployment

RFP development, response evaluation, implementation guidelines and support

Network Management Engineering

Network Interconnection and Operations Support Systems Implementations

BPL Regulatory Policy and Technology

Affecting FCC Pleadings Support, FCC Compliances Support

BPL Power Grid Management

Evaluation of Reliability Issues, Alternative Approaches to upgrading Power Grid Management (microwave, fiber)

Electrical Distribution Management Systems

Consulting: Low, Medium and High Voltage. Operations Support Systems Development and Process Engineering


BPL Industry and Amateur Radio Advocates, Industry and Public Safety Officials Capital Investment Evaluation of Capital investment or Acquisition Plans

Pilot Site Evaluation

Demographics, physical and topographical features, home construction and other affecting parameters

Strategic Planning

Short and long term planning and facilitating


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