Reports – Seminars

In addition to our consulting and other services we provide reports and research papers to our clients, including status and position papers, white papers, original research reports and strategy papers.

The following are some examples. We have also provided executive seminars on some of these topics, and offer seminars in these and other areas, on a request basis.

  • Broadband Access Services and Technologies in the U.S.: Status and Strategies
  • Services Provider Responses to Emerging Competition
  • Data Networking and its Impact on Telecommunications
  • Telecommunications Services and The Internet
  • Business Data Services
  • Current and Emerging Competition in Telecommunications
  • Un-Bundling the Network
  • Operations for the New Telecommunications Era
  • Broadband Local Access: The Technologies and Services
  • Access Technologies and Systems: Status and Future
  • All-Optical Networks: Status and Future
  • Strategic Planning for Access
  • Service Level Agreements for Telecommunications Services
  • Wireline – Wireless Convergence
  • Competitive Impact of Unbundling and Number Portability
  • Software Maintenance: Costs, Methodologies and Current Practices
  • Usability – Human Factors of Systems and Services
  • Broadband Local Access, A new Era in Telecommunications
  • Executive Seminars

Please contact us at to discuss how we could help with reports, research or seminars for your needs.