In addition to our consulting and technology and other services, KOHL provides both contingent personnel and search services to technical and business organizations within major domestic and international corporations.

Why KOHL Contract Personnel and Consultants?

Contract employees are a critical aspect of the staffing mix that makes companies successful. They provide a dedicated and experienced resource of people who are focused where and for the time they are needed. This is a refined expertise-on-demand, that can cut through the bureaucratic thicket and be applied with precision to get the job done. When the work is completed, the costs and other liabilities of this resource simply stop. KOHL’s services provide the following benefits and value:

  • Our people are task-oriented and are not concerned with your company’s politics. This allows them to give full attention to the assignment.
  • Our personnel are professionals whose position and future assignments depend substantially upon their performance with the client. They are highly motivated to perform well.
  • Our personnel are highly experienced in the specific skill sets you require. Therefore, your training and learning curve time and costs are minimal.
  • KOHL participates in personnel oversight to the extent you require. Our ongoing performance review process is an excellent tool for optimizing and/or redirecting the efforts of our people. In the unusual case where our employee and the position are not well matched, we will replace the person at no additional cost.
  • We are a personalized resource for you, throughout your career, and the longer our relationship lasts the better we will become at responding to your specific needs. This gives you an accruing advantage – you consistently have available good people to meet your changing responsibilities. Your new assignments are off to a quick and appropriate start, no matter where your career path leads you.
  • We encourage you to hire our people, if you and they agree. Essentially, this allows you to perform an on-the-job screening prior to your deciding to hire.
  • As the employer, KOHL assumes the full employer obligations and liabilities. We provide the resources and perform the various functions of the employer including: employee search, evaluation and interview; hiring, relocating, payroll processing and payroll taxes, benefits, training; ending employment; and personnel management. Our people are fully insured in the event of accidents, and we provide our employees with excellent health care and retirement savings plans.
  • KOHL takes the long-term view to retain excellent employees by providing attractive benefits packages that include health and life insurance, retirement savings plans, vacation, and educational assistance for advancement.


Our Candidates

Educational and experience levels

Our candidates include Ph.D., Masters, Bachelors and Associates, with extraordinary to entry-level working experience.

Domains of Expertise
  • Telecommunications and Data Networks
  • Operations, Operations Support and Customer Care Systems
  • Information Systems
  • Internet and E-Commerce
  • Engineering: Electronic, Electrical, Systems, Mechanical
  • Human Factors, Usability and User Interface Design
  • Software Systems Development and Architecture
  • Business Systems Analysis, Development and Management
  • Technical Documentation, Graphics Arts
  • Training Development


Working With KOHL

Philosophy and Mode of Business

KOHL is dedicated to enhancing and humanizing the search and contract personnel businesses. Our highly service-oriented staff understands the demands and pressures of today’s workplace and treats each candidate, client and employee professionally, ethically and with compassion. Our participatory management style creates an atmosphere of commitment and “ownership” resulting in a sense of belonging among all of our employees and candidates. This sense is reflected in the positive and graceful fashion in which they fulfill their responsibilities.

Client Interaction

We work closely with our clients to identify needs and match these optimally with our personnel. We are extremely proactive in anticipating clients’ needs, yet studiously avoid any activity that would smack in the remotest sense of being pushy or overbearing. Beyond this, we provide extremely competitive pricing structures.

Selection of Our Personnel

Our personnel are selected using a carefully structured interviewing and selection process that we have evolved over the years. We either know our candidates or we interview people who have worked with them. This process includes a vital recruiting effort incorporating our own private database, our network of business contacts, present and former employees and associates, and the Internet.

On-going Assistance

Once our personnel are engaged, we monitor progress and performance and endeavor to respond proactively, fairly and sensitively to unanticipated requirements or problems. We take responsibility for and action on any personnel issues, allowing the client to concentrate on the project implementation rather than on personnel matters. At the client’s request, we provide a review process. The client discusses the quality of our employees’ performance, and we review any deficiencies related to our employees’ performance. Corrective measures are engaged and performance is monitored closely until the deficiency is rectified. If for any reason an employee does not meet or exceed our client’s expectations, we replace the employee at no cost to the client.

Treatment of Our Employees

Our most important assets are the technical and personal skills of the people associated with our firm. We endeavor to exceed their expectations of treatment by KOHL and to continuously earn their trust and respect. We believe this is our obligation, to continue to deserve to attract and keep excellent people. Our employees are afforded various benefits. We provide tuition and course reimbursement for relevant training. We have an excellent group medical insurance plan available to all of our employees and their families. We also have an IRS approved 401(k)-retirement savings plan that incorporates an excellent group of investment vehicles for our employees. Further, because we keep our overhead and profit margins relatively low, we can afford to pay our employees well, yet keep our price structure extremely competitive.

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